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Reach every member with your screens

TV Channel & Digital Signage Mixture

AdvimuTV is a mixture between an individual TV channel and digital signage. The purpose of AdvimuTV is to combine internal news with relevant industry-specific news from around the world and to use all screens in an office space to create a true community. AdvimuTV is perfect for any size of office space – from 50 members to 5.000. We make sure that more of your members actually get to know each other.

Made for Office Spaces

We love the spirit of shared offices and coworking spaces, that is why we specialized all our products and services solely to serve your needs. As a result, all our content is optimized for the professional office and coworking environment as well. From internal communication and news to community building – we want you to succeed.

Reach all your members easily

Spend less time promoting internal events or sending emails.

Get your message heard

Start using your screens to communicate everything you want your renters to know – from the BBQ in the evening to new partnerships.

Promote Services

You are offering valuable services to your members – communicate the value with all your screens and upsell your renters.

Create a community and foster collaboration

Discover and support the real asset of your office space.

Introduce members

Give your members the chance to introduce themselves in compact interviews or let them introduce their products and services to the community.

Gamify your community

Use elements of gamification to engage your members and bring them closer together – challenge them and use tactics usually used in corporate team building.

Inform and mentor members and guests

Provide real value to your community by offering them daily news which are relevant in their industry.

News which are relevant

Who cares what Kim Kardashian tweeted last night – with AdvimuTV your members get the 10 most important events relevant to your niche on your screens – daily!

Individual Newsfeed

Use a newsfeed to inform your renters about your internal announcements as well as relevant industry news e.g. investment rounds announced by Crunchbase – the newsfeed is yours and not an automated running font of newspaper headlines.

Drag and drop your own content

Your individual office channel is a successful combination of your own content and our professional infotainment elements.

Drag and drop your favorite content

Our backend system is super easy for everyone to use – we grant you access so that you can upload your own content, create playlists, and update your content.

From YouTube to HTML websites

We offer you a variety of self-produced or curated content relevant to professional coworking spaces – select the best videos, add your own ones, and publish your playlist.

From self-service to fully managed

Spend less time on managing your screens and let us do that for you.

Full-service TV channel

You decide how much time and effort you can put into your TV channel – we are there for you to assist you with any question and need you have. Or forget about planning, implementing, and the daily operations entirely and let us do that for you.

Content Creation

The most expensive screens are worth nothing without relevant and engaging content. We help you to with animated video graphics or top-notch video production on-site: e.g. your own documentary, daily interviews, or weekly events.

More Reasons to Love AdvimuTV

Connect and inform your office renters

Customers become loyal when they get what they want and expect.

I started Advimu to truly help coworking spaces communicate with their super awesome members. Advimu offers you three different channels to effectively communicate with your members: communicate chats, morning briefing emails, and digital signage on your screens. Contact me personally and learn how we helped our first customer communicate with their countless members much more effectively!

Ready to inform and communicate with your members in a new way?

Reach out to us for a free consultation and a free product demo.


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