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Why Advimu?

Get Heard

We are not only a young company, we were born together with a large provider of shared offices and coworking spaces. Hand in hand we solved some of the most relevant problems of office and coworking spaces: internal communication and community creation.

Connect People

AdvimuTV is the product of a long process collaborative exchange with the most promising office space provider in Europe and Asia. Now we want to help you too, let us help you create a real community of coworking members!

Create Value

We are offering office spaces an individualized TV channel as a full-service provider. From planning to realization and everyday operations, from content planning to video production. We are your partner when it comes marketing your office space and communicating with your members.


Relevant Infotainment for Office Spaces

AdvimuTV is a white-label television channel for offices and coworking spaces. You can decide whether we design and stream our content in your existing digital signage system or whether you choose our all-inclusive service where we arrange everything – from planning to realization, and of course the everyday operation. Contact us and we will check for free how we can realize your individual television channel for your office or coworking space.


The upcoming day in a nutshell.

Offer your coworking members real value with our member briefing. Your members get a daily email briefing at 7 AM. The briefing includes the summaries of the most relevant news of the day mixed with internal news of your coworking space (for example birthdays).

News Store

Superior Content for your Digital Signage

Visit our content online store and get relevant handpicked and beautifully animated content daily as a download. If desired we can populate your digital signage software with our content. What you can purchase in our content store is significantly different from the run-of-the-mill content offered elsewhere. Every morning we pick the most relevant topics for coworking members and animate them for your members. Contact us for further details.

Ready to inform and communicate with your members in a new way?


To contact us please use the contact form or simply contact us with the details provided below.

Phone: +49 2151 971 964 2


Visitor Address:

Europark Fichtenhain A 9

47807 Krefeld


Registered Office:

Plutoweg 13

47877 Willich