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Our Story

We believe that multicultural collaboration will not only give every organization a competitive edge but that it is also a core driver to solve some of the worlds biggest problems.

In 2016, I started Advimu to help co-working spaces and shared offices communicate better with their highly diverse members. Providing people the right tools to communicate and giving them the chance to collaborate with each other is the only way to bring the best out of them.

Using the right technological tools is absolutely necessary for the work environment of tomorrow. However, I still believe that what really counts in tomorrow’s work environment are human relationships, and this is where we step in and provide tons of value.

The best technology is worth nothing if you don’t know how to use it properly. At Advimu we use the latest technologies as a fundamental building block. We then use our know-how to optimize the internal communication of your organization. This communication may be locally in office space or crossing borders and continents with hundreds of locations.

We believe that global collaboration of people with different cultural backgrounds will ultimately lead to a more prosperous, compassionate, and peaceful world.

Marius Schober

Our Vision

“Creating communities everywhere, one office at a time.”

Our vision is to become the worldwide number one when it comes to connecting talents with each other in order to foster meaningful global collaborations, partnerships, and other ventures.

We strongly believe that by connecting people within organizations – may it be locally or globally – will by default lead to a win-win-win situation for all individuals and for the global community. Not only do global collaborations lead to profitable business yields, they also eliminate prejudices and create global communities across borders and continents.

Coworking spaces, shared offices, and multinational organizations are prime examples where members or employees come from diverse cultural backgrounds, work in different industries, and sometimes live in other countries or even continents.

Creating a community across locations has an enormous social impact on the organization and the entire world.

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Our Core Values

DIVERSITY: Embrace diversity with unity

We believe that diversity is the main driver of a more compassionate and peaceful world. That’s why we are super proud to work together as a multicultural team to connect other people from other places and organizations.

LOVE: Love changing people’s lives

Changing people’s lives is not only a cool slogan but the heart of our company cultures. We love changing people’s lives by connecting them with other like-minded people from their organization.

COLLABORATION: Leverage the collective genius

Ultimately, people are the key to innovation within an organization. That’s why we foster collaboration with previously unknown people.

SOCIAL: Do the right thing

“Just do it” is the only slogan you need to be successful. However, we pay close attention that we do the right thing, all the time, every time.

Join Us

Ready for new challenges? We are a small and young team and we are always looking for other great people to make our team even more awesome. If you love people and are excited about Work 4.0, we’d love to hear from you!

Being part of the Advimu team means: