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Approach, inform and mentor your coworking members

Communicate with your renters, create a true community, and give them what they really want.

Connect and inform your office renters

Customers become loyal when they get what they want and expect.

I started Advimu to truly help coworking spaces communicate with their super awesome members. Advimu offers you three different channels to effectively communicate with your members: communicate chats, morning briefing emails, and digital signage on your screens. Contact me personally and learn how we helped our first customer communicate with their countless members much more effectively!

See AdvimuTV in Action

A Tool Built For Open Offices and Co-Working Spaces

AdvimuTV was designed in order to optimize your communication with your members and to establish a real community with meaningful collaboration.


Advimu offers you a custom tailored TV channel for your shared office or coworking space.


Now you can use all your screens to communicate effectively with all your renters.


We deliver our curated summaries of relevant industry specific news daily to all your screens – it’s beautiful.


We help you to use all your screens to create real communities and foster profitable collaborations between your members.

Get in touch with us

We are always pleased to see you succeed!


To contact us please use the contact form or simply contact us with the details provided below.

Phone: +49 2151 971 964 2

Email: info@advimu.com


Advimu UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Europark Fichtenhain A 9

47807 Krefeld