Ethical and Social Mittelstand Succession

We are specialized in acquiring profitable and innovative Mittelstand companies to ensure a socially responsible business succession and an ethical and exciting future.


Acquisition, succession, and consolidation of German SME

Hundreds of thousand profitable and innovative Mittelstand companies are looking for a trustworthy successor.We are an ethical and social-responsible company who acquires businesses with a focus on sustainable leadership.We negotiate win-win terms for all parties to ensure a fair treatment of current employees, business owners, and financing institutions.

If you are a business owner looking for a worthwhile successor for your SME contact me personally by calling +49-2131-5953907.

*We have a non-negotiable policy to not cooperate with brokers. If you are a broker we strongly discourage you from contacting us, doing so is forlorn.


Marius Schober,

Founding Director

Marius Schober in a photo taken in 2019 wearing a light blue shirt

Advisory Board

We trust in our top-class advisory board with leading industry experts.


Funding Secured

€3.5+ Mio. equity capital for up tp 70€ Mio. debt and mezzanine funding for attractive acquisitions available.


Target Portfolio

Our goal is to consolidate ten or more businesses from one industry sector.


Business Succession is more than the transfer of ownership.

Business Acquisition & Succession

We are acquiring profitable and innovative succession-seeking Mittelstand companies with a flexible mix of debt, mezzanine and sellers financing.

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Brand Development & Digitization

Our industry, business, marketing, and sales experts of our holding companies help build winning brands and make acquired businesses future-proof.

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Never miss news of our portfolio companies

On occasion, we publish articles or press releases concerning our acquisitions and portfolio companies here on our homepage.


We are confidently securing your business succession.

Marius Schober,

Founding Director
Mr. Schober has solid knowledge in coprorate finance and vast experience in branding and digitization of growing organizations.

Speciality: Corporate Finance
Degrees: International Business & Social Sciences B.A.

Robert Hicak,

Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Hicak holds a Masters of Law and a Masters of Business Administration with a strong focus on mergers & acquisition.

Speciality: Mergers & Acquisition
Degrees: MBA, LL.M.


Questions frequently asked & answered

We work with the highest level of transparency between us and sellers. If you have any questions you can contact us personally to arrange a phone call or an in-person meeting.

No, we don't understand ourselves as a mergers and acquisition business. Our focus is on securing a win-win succession to Mittelstand businesses in Europe while utilizing the leverage effect obtained through the consolidation of several businesses.

We believe that a great corporate culture, excellent branding, and the highest-grade of digitalization brings the most value to customers and shareholders. We use our expertise to develop winning strategies for future-proof businesses.

The company Advimu UG acts solely as an umbrella holding company and provider of branding, consulting, and interim management for portfolio companies.  Advimu UG is initiating the financing for acquisitions facilitated through Mr. Schober does - however - not receive direct investments. Depending on the acquisition, separate legal entities are formed or assumed.

The team consists of Mr. Marius Schober - as the founding and executive partner - and a team of leading business law, accounting, and industry experts. In addition, Advimu works with selected talented freelancers in branding, marketing, and digitalization.

No. We have a non-negotiable policy to not cooperate with brokers. If you are a broker we strongly discourage you from contacting us, doing so is forlorn.


Send us a message regarding your concern.

Advimu UG - Sperberstr 3 - 41564 Kaarst - Germany

Phone: +49-2131-5953907